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Pinterest Gone Wild! July 21, 2012

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So I’m on of those Pinterest users who drool over the pretty DIY projects and recipes, pinning pictures on boards that I am sure I’ll never go back to. Ever. That site is like crack- crazy addicting and a big time suck. Alas, I am determined to make some of the recipes from the pictures I like to refer to as “Food Porn”. We had a dinner at a friends house this weekend, with a group of fellow foodies, so I dug up this recipe from Pinterest and got to work.

The cake was no joke- chocolate cake with homemade caramel, topped with cheesecake with peanut butter cups and caramel, then repeat the decadent combination a second time before topping it with a homemade chocolate ganache frosting? I’m in- albeit with an insulin shot in hand! Take note that the cake cost us almost $40 in ingredients to make. I don’t normally keep track, but I thought the amount of ingredients was quite comical. Here is a picture of some of the ingredients after shopping at Wegman’s.


It took an entire bag of peanut butter cups, and the finished cake weighed in at around 10 pounds!


The recipe was spot on. Just as long as you actually add the flour to the chocolate cake! I got a bit chatty with a friend and forgot the flour the first time- what a mess! The end result, however, was a chocolate peanut butter lovers dream. We sliced extra small slivers of this tall, decadent beauty.

Here are the four layers before frosting.


And here is the final product. Yum!