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We found Cinderella! November 27, 2012

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We had a great time in Disney. 10 relaxing days, in which I had to stop and figure out what day it was. I call that a gauge of a good vacation- when your brain can really shut off from the outside world. We’re on the Magical Express on our way to the airport, and I’m trying to hold off on the real-world for as long as possible!

I’ll pretend that I’m still looking at this for as long as possible!


We had a lovely trip, and got to watch the nighttime shows at Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We saw the amazing Osbourne Festival of Dancing lights (quite a sight if you’ve never been!). While Katelyn cried and didn’t want to ride some of her favorites like The Barnstormer, Logan rode everything he was allowed to. He rode his first big roller coaster- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- twice, and Splash Mountain too. He wanted to ride with Uncle JJ, and loved all of it.

My favorite park day day was Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party. We started the day by getting Katelyn dressed up like Cinderella at the Bippity Boppity Boutique. She sure cleans up nicely, don’t you think?


Afterwards, we headed to the holiday party. It sure did get me in the Christmas mood! Plenty of hot cocoa and cookies to go around, short lines for a few last chances at some of our favorite rides, holiday carols sung by Mickey and the gang, and the most amazing fireworks display I’ve ever seen! We ended the night by watching the Christmas Parade, which was beyond wonderful. Between the snow falling on Main Street, the Toy Soldiers and seeing Santa himself come down the street, I was in Christmas heaven. I think I’m spoiled for any holiday parades now though!

We’re excited to go home and see the puppies, I heard it snowed while we’ve been gone, and that Barley loved playing in it. There is a lot to do and look forward to in these next few weeks… We’ve got a tree to put up, cookies to bake, garland to hang and presents to wrap! Bring on the Holidays!!!


Taming the Paper Monster July 7, 2012

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I’m in publishing, so I am well aware that we have entered the digital age, but by judging by the stack of papers from my daughter, you would tend to not agree.  Enter Exhibit A.

Exhibit A:  Katelyn’s stack of Kindergarten papers, which have already been weeded out throughout the year!


So how does one tame a pile of paper this large to pull out the special ones for keepsake?  Go digital of course!   I started a special tradition in preschool last year that I plan on doing it every year with my kids.

Grab your camera or scanner, your stack of papers and go crazy!   I started by taking a picture of Katelyn with her graduation certificate and her pile of papers (doesn’t she look so proud?)  We then sorted through the massive pile together, to whittle the pile down to about 10-15 pieces of artwork that needed to be kept for her keepsake box.   We took pictures of special pieces, along with samples of writing and drawing, totaling about forty to fifty.   Someday I’ll put all of these pictures of the masterpieces into a digital photo book for Katelyn to keep.

My final pile fits nicely into a file folder for her keepsake box.


Some of my favorite pieces of artwork: 




Poolside by Moonlight

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Poolside by Moonlight

Why clean the pool in the hot day when you can clean it by pool light and moonlight? I love this shot I snuck up on of Father and Daughter bonding over the pool.


Happy 4th of July! July 6, 2012

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