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The Hulk will save you! October 1, 2012

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I’m not sure why boys seem to be harder to potty train than girls, but Logan must’ve heard that once and decided to be a textbook example for me. We’ve been on and off with the whole thing since April (a whole six months!) before Logan finally got bribed decided he was ready to be a Big Boy for real.

Once he got the big boy undies on full-time, we had to make good on the bribe. And what does a 3 year old boy who loves to play dress up want? The Incredible Hulk costume of course! We went to the mall on Friday night to find it, and Logan was so excited that he could barely leave the store before begging us to put it on him. So, we put it on him in the middle of the mall and let him proudly walk around in the costume. We’ll be in big trouble when it’s Halloween time!






Just call me Corn on the Cob! September 9, 2012

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The month of August is torture for me at work… Hence no time lately for any blog posts or much of the things that I find to be truly fun or relaxing. It’s why I take joy in the little things my family does to make my long days tolerable.

Like peanut butter and jelly for example! My 3 year old son was on his way home with his dad and sister one day recently when he decided to start calling everyone by the names of ingredients of his favorite sandwich- a PB and J of course! Logan was bread, Katelyn was Jelly and Dad was Peanut Butter. Best of all, you could put them all together for a family hug and make a PB and J sandwich! I asked later that night if I could be bread too. Logan sized me up and said “No, you’re corn on the cob!”. Thankfully in his mind, that goes perfect with a sandwich!

I love his creativity, and hearing him call out, “hey Peanut Butter, let’s make a sandwich”. I’ll drop anything to become the corn on the cob to his bread! 🙂


Family Shot August 3, 2012

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So we had a blast in Michigan- which reminded me that 5 years is far too long to be away from there.

I had such a good time- between the fishing, horseback riding, kayaking and more. The best part was catching up with family though.

My family had a little cookout in our honor- smoked ribs, turkey, macaroni and potato salads and much more. But the best part for me was seeing so much of my dad’s side of the family in one place. Two of his sisters, one brother, his parents, four of my cousins and four of their kids playing with Katelyn and Logan. It was so nice to hear the laughter and hear the many stories as we passed the night away.

Before anyone could sneak away, I grabbed this group shot. It’s probably the first I have of that size in over 20 years. I love my family!!



Fun at the Crazy Woman Ranch July 27, 2012

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My cousin, Katie, has a dream homestead for any kid (or kid at heart). I am here with my daughter and nephew in Michigan to visit with her and other family and we’re having a great time. We pulled in late at night, so the kids didn’t get to see where we were, so they had a blast when we woke up and they discovered all of the animals here. Horses, pigs, chickens, bunnies, ducks, kittens, dogs and two litters of puppies- oh my!

Here are a few pictures of our adventure so far.