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Taming the Paper Monster July 7, 2012

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I’m in publishing, so I am well aware that we have entered the digital age, but by judging by the stack of papers from my daughter, you would tend to not agree.  Enter Exhibit A.

Exhibit A:  Katelyn’s stack of Kindergarten papers, which have already been weeded out throughout the year!


So how does one tame a pile of paper this large to pull out the special ones for keepsake?  Go digital of course!   I started a special tradition in preschool last year that I plan on doing it every year with my kids.

Grab your camera or scanner, your stack of papers and go crazy!   I started by taking a picture of Katelyn with her graduation certificate and her pile of papers (doesn’t she look so proud?)  We then sorted through the massive pile together, to whittle the pile down to about 10-15 pieces of artwork that needed to be kept for her keepsake box.   We took pictures of special pieces, along with samples of writing and drawing, totaling about forty to fifty.   Someday I’ll put all of these pictures of the masterpieces into a digital photo book for Katelyn to keep.

My final pile fits nicely into a file folder for her keepsake box.


Some of my favorite pieces of artwork: